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waking up and realizing you still have more time to sleep


if countries were students
Australia: The class clown who makes everyone laugh
America: The jock who loves themselves and everyone secretly hates
Canada: The nice person who offers to show you around on your first day
England: The hot boy everybody wants to bang because he's a gentlemen
New Zealand: Australia's little brother who is the only one who thinks Australia sucks
The Netherlands: That high kid in the back that everyone just ignores
France: The romantic playboy who hangs around England too much
China: The overly smart kid who puts his hand up for every question
Russia: The scary large kid that nobody talks to because they'll probably get stabbed
California <3

California <3

awwwwwwwww boo boo &lt;33333

awwwwwwwww boo boo <33333


MY GOSH. That&#8217;s gonna be me and my future husband some day.

"Honey!!! It&#8217;s just for the shot! HOLD STILL."

MY GOSH. That’s gonna be me and my future husband some day.

"Honey!!! It’s just for the shot! HOLD STILL."




Only by the grace of God.






Me and my buddy went to lake Havasu for a week, have some data moshed go pro footage. I have more stuff, I just need to mosh it all. Its quite a project x.x

I will miss you man. You will never be forgotten.

Rest easy, i love you more than you will ever know.  Brother <3

You will be so so very missed. <3

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